Whether you’re looking to start a new career in marketing, or take your work to the next level, taking a course online is the best way to go. First, it allows you to set your own learning hours from the comfort of your home. Second, it allows you to explore new and exciting paths. And third, the certificates you receive tell your employer or client that you’re building expertise.

If you’re looking to learn the basics of marketing, or explore brand management and consumer behaviour more deeply, here are some courses by IIM Bangalore professors that might help:

1 – Consumer Behaviour

How do we make purchase decisions? How has digital spending influenced the way we shop? And how can we translate our knowledge of consumer behaviour into building brand loyalty over a long time? This course, by IIM Bangalore Professor S Ramesh Kumar takes us through different theories and how they can be applied to our work as marketers.

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2 – Services Marketing

From banking to healthcare, and airlines to internet connectivity, we consume various services to make our daily lives easier. In this course by IIM Professor Shainesh G, you will learn to build, design, and deliver quality services that the market needs. You will also learn how to build effective human resources and marketing teams for these services, from real-life success stories.

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3 – Marketing Essentials

Even today, we tend to assume that marketing is all about sales and ads. These are important parts of marketing, but the field includes so much more. This course, by IIM Bangalore Professor Ashis Mishra, breaks down this ocean into its most essential components. It also bridges the gap between theory and real-life applications of marketing.

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4 – Brand Management

From the toothpaste we use in the mornings to the pillow we fall asleep on every night, brands are an integral part of our daily lives. So, what is a brand? Is it just a name, logo, or product? It’s all these and much more. A brand is a promise made to the consumer, and a set of consistent actions. This course, by IIM Bangalore Professor Preeti Krishnan Lyndem, takes us through key terms in branding, and principles we must know.

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Here’s to an exciting future in the world of marketing. All the best!