Faculty Development Programme

Advancing Teaching Excellence Online

Important Dates

MOOC on MOOC- Digital Learning Playbook

Module 1

19th Apr 2024

Module 2



Module 3

26th Apr 2024

Module 4

Module 5



Webinar – 1

30th Apr 2024



Project Release

3rd May 2024



Webinar – 2

9th May 2024



Project Submission

13th May 2024




24th May 2024



Certificate Release

31st may 2024

About Programme

IIMBx, the digital learning initiative of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), stands as a testament to the belief that quality education should be accessible and affordable to all eager learners. IIMBx is a forerunner in digital learning, helmed by IIMB’s distinguished faculty and underpinned by powerful online tools to facilitate learning that transcends boundaries of time and location.

IIMBx is also at the forefront of capability enhancement of teaching online methodologies, having organized Faculty Development Programs on Blended Learning. These programs are designed to empower educators in crafting curricula that fit the evolving paradigm of hybrid education. Over seven years, eighteen such programs have been conducted, aiding thousands of educators in revolutionizing student learning through the adoption of effective online pedagogy.

IIMBx is excited to announce the latest iteration of our Faculty Development Program, thoughtfully designed to empower educators in the digital age. Our program kicks off with an engaging one-day workshop on our campus, providing participants with a hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of digital education. This immersive experience is followed by a comprehensive seven-week online journey through our ‘Digital Learning Playbook’ course.

Program Objective


Integrating Technology into Teaching

Integrate technology proficiently in teaching, leveraging tools and platforms to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Exploring Digital Learning Approaches

Explore and implement various digital learning strategies, leveraging technology to adapt to diverse learning needs and enhance the educational experience.

Implementing Blended Learning

Apply blended learning methods, combining digital and traditional approaches, using tools and platforms to enrich the learning experience.


Enhancing Engagement with Digital Tools

Use digital tools effectively to boost student engagement, leveraging platforms to promote active learning and collaboration.

Program Schedule


April 12, 2024

An offline In-Campus Workshop on Blended Learning


April 15, 2024

Online Course-Digital Learning Playbook



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