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The digital learning unit of IIM Bangalore is called IIMBx. With a clear mission to make high-quality higher education available to everyone, regardless of any social or financial barriers that students may face, IIMBx was established in 2014. With the assistance of faculty from IIM Bangalore, IIMBx develops and provides online courses. The goal of IIMBx is to use technology to make education inclusive, accessible, and transformative in order to have a beneficial social impact.


IIM Bangalore is all about connecting people, ideas and knowledge. We do this by offering world-class immersive programs that are designed to help you grow as a person, learn new skills and develop your professional potential. And while we’re all about the idea of connecting people and ideas, it’s also important that when we connect those ideas with learning, we do it in a way that makes them more accessible to learners. That’s why IIMBx was created: to create online courses utilizing the subject matter expertise of the IIMB Faculty. The department constantly explores and engages with state-of-the-art technology, research and creative tools to come up with content that is learner-centric, engaging and effective.


The IIMBx team is committed to delivering specialized courses and programmes to each cohort. We collaborate with government, academic institutions, and businesses in order to create these programs. These collaborations are centered on social impact, skill development, and upskilling. We collaborate with organizations like MOOC and edX.


IIM Bangalore has been named as one of the nine national coordinators for the SWAYAM programme by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India.

It is the duty of IIMBx to make sure that the SWAYAM platform in the Management domain produces and distributes educational content of the finest quality.



IIMBx creates customizable courses for its partner institutes and companies using its own platform. Partners can find a personalized experience to their candidates’ individual training/learning goals and expectations here.


SWAYAM was developed by the Government of India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development to provide high-quality online learning experiences to Indian learners in every corner of the country. IIM Bangalore, as a National Coordinator and Course Provider for SWAYAM, delivers online courses on the programme platform and works to implement its core ideals of Access, Equity, and Quality.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University have launched a digital learning project called edX. edX delivers university-level online courses offered by the world’s greatest universities on a wide range of topics. IIM Bangalore is India’s first management school to join edX as a member. Explore our edX courses.



IIM Bangalore's digital learning project. We would like to explore the dynamics of the eLearning sector in a series of bite-sized conversations with members of the IIMBx team as well as professionals and teachers involved in the online learning ecosystem. One idea at a time! If you're curious and excited about the online learning environment, this podcast is for you. It contains the experiments, findings, successes, failures, learnings, and questions that the IIMBx team wants to share with the world.

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