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Important Dates

Registration Start Date: 15th April 2024
Registration End Date: 23rd June 2024
Program Start Date: 1st July 2024

Professional Certificate in Hospital Management

About Program

The Professional Certificate in Hospital Management from IIMB is a well-crafted 12–months online program. It aims to equip professionals working in the healthcare industry with various leadership competencies such as managing people, innovations, organization design, and developing strategies. Furthermore, it also emphasizes on building managerial expertise in various areas such as operations, marketing, finance, economics and an understanding upon the regulatory framework of healthcare in India.

This program will help learners to design and deliver high-impact services within their respective roles. A combination of case studies; expert faculty; and industry makes this a unique learning experience.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the program, learners will be able to:

Gain perspectives, competence and skills associated with being an effective manager

Formulate context appropriate action plans for challenges identified in hospital

Apply core management principles in hospital setting

Develop business acumen and understand contemporary management practices

Learning Objectives

At the end of the program, learners will be able to:

Gain perspectives, competence and skills associated with being an effective manager

Formulate context appropriate action plans for challenges identified in hospital

Apply core management principles in hospital setting

Develop business acumen and understand contemporary management practices

Courses Offered

Organization Design for Healthcare

This course will help you in building the acquaintance with – How the Organization is supposed to be designed? Even at hospitals we very well know, whom to report, how people behave and the distribution of various tasks. Each of this has a strategic implication. The course will help to understand all these from a strategic point of view.

Healthcare People Management

The course helps to understand the roles and functions of a people manager, while simultaneously providing opportunity for managers to reflect on the ways in which they interact and nurture teams.

Operations Management in Healthcare

The course explains a set of most critical operational principles, that are being used by some of the highly renowned hospitals across the world. With the help of relevant examples, we demonstrate how these principles can be applied in various healthcare settings.

Marketing Management for Healthcare

The course explains various Marketing Concepts and the flow of Marketing Organization in the healthcare segment. This course will help in understanding how various activities of Marketing function helps hospitals to attain its ultimate objective.

Financial Acumen for Healthcare

Managers must have strong financial acumen to make correct and informed business decisions. Course helps to  understand finance better and how to use financial statements for decision-making,

Statistics for Healthcare

“Statistics for Healthcare” has been designed specifically for healthcare professionals. This course covers fundamental areas of statistics such as spreadsheet skills, descriptive statistics, data visualization, probability, random variables, and distributions. As a healthcare professional, understanding these concepts is crucial to making informed decisions and analyzing data for day-to-day work.

Advanced Statistics for Healthcare

“Advanced Statistics for Healthcare” is a comprehensive course designed for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their statistical skills. In this course, we explore the topics like sampling techniques, regression analysis, and inferential statistics, and learn how to apply them effectively in healthcare settings. Gain the knowledge and tools to make data-driven decisions and improve patient outcomes.

Legal and Regulatory Framework in Healthcare

Alike any other sector India has several laws and regulations governing the healthcare Sector in India. This course, Legal and Regulatory Framework in Healthcare, will give you in-depth knowledge about the medico-legal framework and healthcare administration in India.

Strategic Management for Healthcare

Strategic Management for the healthcare sector explores the many facets of strategic decisions in the healthcare ecosystem in India, both private and public. You will develop a strong understanding of important analytical approaches that underlie the discipline of business strategy, and the ethics of decision making in the dynamic space.

Macro Economics for Healthcare

Economics is a day-to-day part of our lives. Knowingly or unknowingly we contribute to the economic framework. Learning the healthcare economics will help you to understand the issues related to production and distribution of healthcare services.

Managing innovations in Healthcare

Do you feel innovation activity in your organization is ad-hoc? Are you looking for a systematic approach through which innovation capacity can be enhanced in your organization? This course will show you how you can build an innovation pipeline, improve idea velocity and enhance business impact through an 8-steps approach. Moreover, we will also explore ways of sustaining participation in innovation activity

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Healthcare delivery organisations
    1. Promoters, Owner-Doctors, CXOs.
    2. Clinical speciality heads, Medical administrators, Senior doctors, Nursing supervisors and Hospital administrators.
    3. Functional and non-clinical leaders.
  • Allied healthcare sector
    1. Senior executives from pharmaceutical companies, Clinical research organisations, Health insurance companies.
    2. Bio-engineers, Healthcare facility planners.
  • Others
    1. Professionals who wish to gain domain expertise in healthcare.
  • Graduation / Post Graduation in Health- care from any recognized university.

  • Experience in Healthcare industry will be an added advantage.
  • The program is a 12-month online program. The 3rd batch begins on 1st of July 2024.
  • There are 10 courses in this program. All the courses have been curated and delivered by the world-class faculty of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. The course names are available in the brochure and a brief description of the same is available on the website.
  • The course content which includes recorded videos, additional reading material, ungraded activities etc. will be available on the IIMBx learning platform. Learners can view it at their convenience and comfort.

  • Course content and videos can be accessed on all devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. However, it is highly recommended that they are accessed on laptops/desktops for a better learning experience.
  • For every course, there will be 3 synchronous live sessions conducted on the Zoom platform. This allows learners the opportunity to interact with the faculty or guest lecturers, gain better clarity about the content and get resolution to their queries. The dates for these sessions will be announced before the beginning of every course allowing adequate time for learners to block their calendars. Each live session will be for 60–90-minute duration, on weekday evenings after 7 pm.
  • Other than live sessions with the faculty, the course facilitators, who are also subject matter experts, will be available to the learners once a week for an hour for personalized doubt-clearing sessions.
  • There will be 2 graded assessments in every course. These could be Multiple Choice Questions and descriptive questions for elaborate answers. Some courses will also include Group projects and Peer reviewed assignments.
  • All the reading material and suggested/additional reading and reference material will be available on the learning platform in digital version. They can be downloaded. Learners can print them if required.
  • Learners are be expected to invest an average of 3-4 hours a week towards the program.
  • Learners are expected to pass all assessments with a minimum 50% score. Reassessments will be provided on case-to-case basis, with a penalty involved.
  • We do not provide any kind of concessions on the fee mentioned in the brochure.

  • Currently, we do not provide any kind of placement facility. We have had alumni of the program who have successfully grown in their organizations or found opportunities for growth in other organizations with the knowledge and skills gained on successful completion of this program.

  • The learners on the IIMBx digital platform are not considered alumni of IIMB. However, we have a vibrant community of IIMBx alumni with whom you can interact. We keep our alumni posted on activities that are conducted by IIMB on matters related to their domain.
  • 1,25,000 + 18% GST. Learners will have an option to pay in full or in 2 instalments.

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