It was an exciting day of the year 2020 for me, when I got my first MOOC. It was in the month of November. The initial documents of the course which comprise of course outline, syllabus, pre-requisites, and objectives were already finalised. After the pre-documentation, we moved towards video creation. 

As soon as Covid situation improved, we started with the video shoots. The videos of the course are entirely shot in the IIMBx studio. Our Camera team: Yusuf and Navaneetha, with the collaboration of Prof. Sreelata Jonnalagedda managed to finish the video shoots within 2 months. Once the videos were shot, it was shared with the course’s video editor; Moushumi. She then shared the raw footages with me.

Since I had delivered few courses over a period, I had the chance to go through the material of the courses and interact with the learners. I had a rough sketch of how to proceed with the course. But when I sat down to work on the edit note of the first video, I just could not contemplate from where to begin. 

The first video that I started with comprised of a numerical problem. I had to showcase the entire calculations in the form of PPT. I remember for the first few videos it took me a lot of time to prepare the slides. Since most of the videos were numerical problems, I would double, and triple check the numbers to ensure the accuracy. Another step was to set the slides in correspondence to the original video by mentioning the exact time for each slide. And I think this is the trickiest part as it requires complete focus and a lot of patience. 

After sending the first set of edit notes to Moushumi, I gained some confidence and became proficient with it. We also finalised the intro music and splash screen (which displays the title) for the videos. The result was amazing. The videos looked quite engaging.

After finishing up the edit notes of videos, I asked our Graphic Designer; Vinay to design the Course Banner Image. It took him just 2-3 days to come up with the Image that goes exactly with the theme of our videos. 

Presently I am creating the course shell for the MOOC. This is where the research and the true sense of pedagogy comes to action. I feel like this is the creative part of our job and I am still trying to explore all the options of pedagogy to implement it in this MOOC. 

Some parts of the MOOC are in bits and pieces scattered all over the place, everyone has done their work, and I need to collect those parts and make the larger picture.

Just realised I have not mentioned the name of the MOOC yet, it is called Economic Foundations of Pricing. If everything goes according to the plan, you will see it LIVE on edX by the first week of July 2021.

There are still many miles to walk but working on this MOOC till now has shown me how talented and co-operative our team members are, the camera team, video editors, graphic designer, transcriptionists, and the PRA’s. 

I will do another write-up on “Completion of MOOC”, in which I will share my experience on studio building and delivery.  

Thanks for reading the blog, stay tuned!