Learning Dialogue is a collaboration series run by IIMBx and Planet Ganges. IIMBx is the online learning platform of IIM, Bangalore and edX. Planet Ganges is a habit forming learning platform.


Learning Dialogue brings together a highly influential group of thought leaders to discuss contemporary trends in the area of digital & learning. Learning today is significantly disrupted by the advent of digital. Online is the new way of learning. However, online learning has its own set of challenges and it reflects in its adoption. Learning has also often struggled with questions around its effectiveness and eventual value? These are serious questions considering that the world is changing extremely fast and the ability of people in organizations to keep pace with this change, is at the center of an organizations’ success.

Learning dialogue is about thought leadership, current challenges & future research. IIMBx and Planet Ganges bring-in their vast experience in the use of MOOCs and digital learning that is working towards building learning as a habit.