Brand Management

Course Information

Course Length     : 5 weeks
Estimated Effort  : 2 – 3 hrs per week

Course Overview

As consumers, we engage with various brands, every minute of the day. We watch, listen to, interact with, and fall asleep on brands. However, are we fully clear as to what a brand really is? Is it a trademarked name, a beautiful logo, or a well-executed social media presence? A brand is all of these and much more. To put it simply, a brand is a promise made to a customer.

Brand management is an ever-evolving discipline- one that involves a balance between strategy and emotion. It is more than a series of customer-facing actions; it is a practice that should be implemented from within the organisation.

In this MOOC on Brand Management offered by IIMBx, Prof. Preeti Krishnan Lyndem explores the concepts and practices of Brand Management and its significance in Marketing.

Preeti Krishnan Lyndem

Visiting Faculty
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)


Course Syllabus

Week 1: Strategic Brand Management process, Brand Architecture
  • Module Overview
  • Product vs. Brand 
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Brand Architecture
  • Designing Brand Architecture
Week 2: Brand Identity, Brand Personality
  • Module Overview
  • Brand Identity
  • Who Defines the Brand Identity
  • Brand Personality 
  • David Aaker’s Model
  • Kapferer’s Model 
Week 3: Brand Positioning and Re-positioning
  • Module Overview
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Positioning Basics- Part 1
  • Brand Positioning Basics- Part 2
  • Brand Positioning Statement- Guidelines
  • Brand Re-positioning
  • Brand Positioning vs. Product Positioning  
Week 4: Brand Communication, Brand Knowledge: Awareness & Image
  • Module Overview
  • The Importance of Communication
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Image
Week 5: CBBE
  • Module Overview
  • What is Brand Equity
  • The CBBE Pyramid
  • Five Tenets of Brand Building
  • Brand Management Framework
  • Explain core concepts in branding – brand architecture, brand hierarchy, brand identity, brand personality, brand positioning, brand knowledge, brand awareness, brand image, brand loyalty, and brand equity
  • Differentiate branding strategies across categories and businesses and evaluate brand positioning strategies for different brands
  • Measure customer-based brand equity through brand audits and a brand report card
  • Craft an integrated brand communications campaign using various media.

Executives, students pursuing post graduate and anyone who wants to upskill themselves in the field of Marketing.

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