Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of the program?

16 Months (September 15, 2024 to January 01, 2025)

2. Who can apply?

This Program targets anyone from fresh graduates to senior managers who aspires to build AI and ML models and Operationalize AI solutions at enterprise level.

3. How do I apply?
4. The applicants experience range is from graduates to experienced managers, so how relevant will the program be for everyone? Will it affect a less experienced person to understand the concepts with clarity?

This Program covers the foundations to advanced topics in AI and that will help freshers to follow and senior managers to deploy. No, experience will not be a matter to understand concepts.

5. Will it affect a less experienced person to understand the concepts with clarity?

No. Less experience will not be an issue to understand concepts

6. How is this program different from other Data Science / AI programs?

This program focuses more on mathematical foundations, machine learning theories and deep learning applications to support decision making/business solutions. Algorithms and Deep Mathematical Theories behind AI will not be covered in this program. Hence, it’s comparatively simple and relevant-only content.

7. How experienced is the faculty?

The instructors in this program have combined experience of more than 70 years in Teaching, Training and Consulting in the domain of AI.

8. What will we learn in this program?

ML & AI: Mathematical Foundations, Concepts, Applications and Case studies. Programming Languages: Tableau, R and Python.

9. Will I have lifetime access to course content?

No. The course content will be available till the end of the programme batch.

10. What is the program structure

The program comprises 11 courses. Each course includes videos, readings, assignments, peer discussions and final exam.

11. Will the software like Python, Excel, R, Tableau be provided by the Institute, or do we have to manage it ourselves.

Institute will not provide. The software packages are mostly open-source and in some cases, trial version can be used. 

12.When is the last date for registration?

Registration with Early Bird discount: July 31, 2024, | Last Date: August 31, 2024

13.Is there any concession on program fees for Early Bird applicants?

Yes, the Early Bird applicants will receive a deduction of 5% in Programme Fee.

14.How will the course be delivered?

This is a blended learning program which comprises online courses and live virtual sessions. The online course consists of pre-recorded videos, readings, discussion forums, assignments, and so on. 

15.How many live sessions will be provided?

There will be around 25 live sessions in total (2-3 Sessions per module). 

16.How many videos will be there?

No. of videos and duration of videos per course varies from course to course. The video duration is 5 to 15 hours per course. 

17.What will be the live session timings, and will they be conducted on weekdays or weekends?

The timings of the live session will be communicated once the program starts. Generally, it is based on Instructor availability. It can be either on weekdays or weekends. 

18.What infrastructure/ facility is needed in order to take this program?

You will require a computer and a good Internet connection.

19. Will the courses be taken any time as per our convenience? What about assessments?

No. Each course will run in a particular timeframe, and assessments are locked post due date. 

20.Can I complete the course faster, rather than in 16 months?

No. The program has a defined timeframe. 

21.Is there any selection process?

Yes. Initial shortlisted candidates have to take an online aptitude test and based on scores and interview; the candidate will be selected for admission to program. 

22.How can I communicate with the faculty regarding doubts?

You can communicate through course discussion forum which is available in every course. Faculty and the team will respond to the questions and queries posted in discussion forum. 

23.What will be the mode of taking end-of-module tests?

End-of-module tests will be online and timed. 

24.How can I earn the certificate?

To earn the program completion certificate, participants are expected to score 60% and above in all courses. If unable to score 60% and above in any course, the participant will not be able to earn the certificate.        

25.When will the shortlisted candidates be announced?

Shortlisted candidates will be announced by Round 1 – July 15, 2024 and Round 2- August 12, 2024

26.When will the entrance test be conducted?

Round 1 – July 13, 2024
Round 2 – August 10, 2024

27.What will be asked in entrance test?

Logical reasoning; Probability and statistical concepts. 

28.Will the program provide IIMB alumni status?

No. This program does not provide IIMB alumni status. 

29.Who provides certificate?

The program certificate will be provided by IIMB through its digital learning initiative (IIMBx). 

30.Is there any financial waiver or scholarship provision?

No. There is no provision as such. 

31.Is there any placement support by the institute?

No. Placement support is not available for this program. 

32.What is the program fee?

The program fess is Rs.2,00,000 + Tax: 36000 = Rs 2,36,000 

33.Can the program fee be paid in instalments?

Yes. The program fee can be paid in total parts.



34.When is the last date for payment?

The last date for payment of program fees is 31st August 2024 (The initial payment).

35.How can I contact your team?

Email: | Ph: +91 9591371406

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