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What are IIMBx Platforms?

IIMBx offers courses on 3 different platforms IIMBx, edX and SWAYAM.

edX – edX is an American massive open online course provider created by Harvard and MIT. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses at no charge. 

IIMBx – IIMBx provides courses to different Corporate partners.
SWAYAM – IIMB is the coordinating institute for management education for SWAYAM, the Government of India’s online education platform.

What programs does IIMBx Provide?

To build institutional capacity in education and help educators across the country keep up with global trends, IIMBx organizes faculty development programmes, workshops, and conference on the Future of Learning, which draws participants from academia, industry, and policy alike. It has also created joint programmes and conferences with India’s leading institutions including the Indian Institutes of Technology at Madras and Bombay.

What are the workshops provided by IIMBx?

Masterclass & Workshop

Parallel classroom sessions on selected topics to gain high-level insights and best practices, delivered through videos, hands-on exercises and group discussions, in addition to the conventional chalk-and-board method. 

Features application of the blended methodology in teaching including regular classroom and digital learning. Participants present their blended-learning module designed during the workshop with the IIMBx team and Professors.

Who can take an IIMBx course? How do I sign up?

IIMBx is an Open edX Platform mainly for B2B. However there are few B2C programs as well in IIMBx. 

The courses in IIMBx is NOT open for everyone. However, for certain programmes, once the learner joins the programme, she will be given access to IIMBx.

IIMBx on edX:

IIMBx on Swayam:

Interested Institutions or Organizations can mail to the business development team at:

What are the various MOOCs IIMBx offers?

Courses from IIMBx cover a wide range of management disciplines at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. You can find MOOCs on information technology, marketing, operations management, supply chain, innovation, strategic management, finance, accounting, statistics, predictive analytics, international business, international trade, corporate finance, business analysis, entrepreneurship, and more.


Whom should I contact for any login related issues?

All login related issues need to be raised with the Programme Co-ordinator, who is assigned for the specific programme.

Do I need a dedicated Internet connection?

You need an Internet connection to access the course. The transcripts are downloadable and can be viewed ‘offline’.

What browsers are supported for use with IIMBx courses?

Our courseware works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or with Internet Explorer version 11 and above.

Can I access IIMBx courses on my smartphone or tablet computer?

At this time, IIMBx does not fully support access with mobile devices. While many components of your courses will function, some may not.


What is the duration of the course?

The typical duration of courses from IIMBx range between 4-7 weeks.

How much time do I need to spend per week on a course?

The typical learner effort for a course from IIMBx is expected to be 5-6 hours per week.

What is the minimum grade to get a certificate?

The passing grade for each course is different. This will be clearly stated as part of the “Grading Policy” for the individual course.

Do I need to buy a textbook?

Reference material is included in most of our MOOCs. You can meet all the learning objectives without buying a textbook. However, some MOOCs may enlist textbooks as recommended reading, which you can choose to buy.

For Organizations


How can I get my course-related doubts clarified?

Each course is closely supported by moderators from the IIMBx team. The moderators answer queries, reply to and edit posts on the discussion forum, and communicate course updates. They are available from Monday to Friday.


Will learners receive a certificate from IIMBx on completion of the course?

Learners will get programme-specific certificates from IIMBx on completion of the course. Physical certificates will be issued to learners upon successful completion.

Visit the individual programme page to know more about certificates.

For Learners


How can learners access IIMB’s MOOCs?

MOOCs from IIMB are open for enrollment on the edX platform

Are MOOCs free? Are there any admission criteria?

IIMB’s MOOCs can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee. They are completely “open” and there are no admission criteria. Some MOOCs have prerequisites, which are specified as part of the course information.

How can learners access the IIMBx course?

Learners will receive an invitation email to enrol for the course. Once enrolled students can access that particular course.


Will students receive a certificate from IIMBx on completion of the course?

Students can choose to receive an IIMBx verified certificate from edX for a fee. Read more here.


Can I take a course on my mobile?

Yes. You can download the edX mobile app on Google Play or the App Store. You can find more details here.


What is the last date for enrollment?

The course is open for enrollment even after it starts. Typically, learners may be allowed to enrol even in the last week of the course.


What kind of certificate can I get as a learner?

You can receive a verified certificate, which will state that you have successfully completed your online course from IIMB. To be able to receive this, you must first verify your identity (via photo and one form of ID). Verified certificates are available for a fee.

How does verification work?

When you register for a course and choose the verified track, you will be asked to submit your photo and a picture of an official ID with a webcam. As your course progresses, you may be asked to re-verify your identity.

I don’t have a webcam for ID verification. What should I do?

If you want to work towards getting a verified certificate, you will need to submit your photo from a computer or mobile device with a webcam, but you can always take your course from any computer.

How do I pay for a verified certificate?

You can pay with a globally recognized major credit or debit card. Simply follow the easy sign-up prompts when you register.

Will my certificate include a grade and/or a number of credit hours?

Not currently, but edX may consider including this option for future verified certificates.

Can I get a paper copy of my certificate?

EdX does not send individual printed copies of certificates. You can, however, print out your PDF copy.

How are the certificates delivered?

Certificates are delivered online through edX. If you have earned a passing grade and are eligible for a certificate, you will see it available for download on your dashboard.

When will I receive my certificate?

Typically, you will receive your certificate 1-2 weeks after the course ends.


What is SWAYAM?

SWAYAM – or Study Webs of Active-learning for Young Aspiring Minds – is an initiative of the Government of India. SWAYAM hosts courses for learners from grade 9 onwards and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. IIMB is one of the national coordinators for Swayam. For more details, please visit or contact

What courses are available on Swayam from IIMB?

IIMB offers courses related to management which includes Accounting, Analytics, Banking, Business communication, Cooperatives, Consumer behaviour, CRM, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Strategy. List of all courses offered by IIMBx are available in

What do I have to do to get a Swayam certificate?

Swayam certificates are provided for credit courses and the grading policy varies from course to course. (please check the course overview page of Swayam course) 

Generally, most credit courses fall under one of the following categories of grading policy: 

Category A: Weightage: 75% weightage for final exam and 25% weightage for weekly assessments/or mid term assessment (internal marks) 


Category B: Weightage: 100% weightage for the final exam. 


Category C: Weightage: 100% weightage internals (weekly assessments) + other assignment submissions

Passing Marks: Again, passing marks might vary from course to course (please check the course overview page of Swayam). Passing marks fall under one of the following categories: 

  1. A) For most courses, you will be eligible for a certificate only if you score a minimum of 40% in the Final Exam and a minimum of 40% in graded assessments (internals). If you score less than 40% in the final exam, you will not be eligible for the certificate. 
  2. B) For some courses, there are no weekly assessments. In such cases, you will be eligible for a certificate only if you score a minimum of 40% in the Final Exam. 

C) For some courses, an overall score of 60% is required. (For example, “Entrepreneurship” course)

I just came to know that an online course that I wanted to join has concluded. Is there a chance of the same course being offered again?

Depending on the demand and logistics of the course, IIMBx may offer the course again.

How can I Enrol/Join/Register for IIMBx courses on SWAYAM?

Follow the steps given below: 

Step 1 – Click

Step 2 – Click on “SIGN-IN / REGISTER” top right corner of the screen. 

Step 3 – You can join through one of these: (A) Through creating a new username or (B) through Microsoft Account, Google, Facebook 

Step 4 – Choose your desired course. In the upcoming courses tab, click on the Join button. Fill in the form and click on the “Save” button. Once these steps are carried out, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered Email ID.

Is there a fee to join an online course or is there a fee for the certificate?

Registration and joining the course is free. Once joined, the content of the course and the weekly assessments can be viewed and attempted for free. Final exam fees per course is Rs 1000/-  (generally)

Eligibility criteria for joining an online course

There are no specific admission criteria to join IIMB courses on SWAYAM. Basic English knowledge and interest in the subject are the only requirements. However, some courses may have “prerequisites”

Can I join more than one course?

Yes. You may join any number of courses on SWAYAM, but exams can be taken only for four courses in one semester.

I enrolled in two courses. Both courses have the same exam date. Can I attend on different dates?

We have exams for two days with two slots in a day (morning and afternoon). You can opt for only those courses that are available in a particular slot on that day. So, you can choose a maximum of four courses (Day 1 – Slot 1 and 2 and Day 2 – Slot 3 and 4). If the courses you have selected fall under the same slot, you can choose any one course only for the exam.

I enrolled on a course but now I want to withdraw from this course and join another course. How should I do this?

Once enrolled in a course you cannot withdraw the enrolment. You may choose to “Unsubscribe from Announcement and Discussion Forum” which is available in the Progress tab of the respective courses. This way, you will not receive email notifications.

I have registered for a course. What is the next step?

Once registered to a course you will receive a welcome mail. When the course starts and the content is released an announcement will be made. You will be notified via announcement and email every time the weekly content is released. 

Can I download the videos and transcripts of the course?

Videos are available for viewing only and transcripts (if available) can be downloaded and referred to any time.

Where can I find the weekly assessment and due dates to submit the assessment?

After every week’s content, we have the weekly assessments at the end of the weekly content. Due dates of assessments are mentioned on the same page in the top right corner. Note: Some courses may not have weekly assessments.

How to know the progress and score of my course and Assessment?

Under the Progress section, you will be able to view your course progress and marks scored in assessments.

Do we have Un-graded/Self Assessments?

Yes. Some courses do have practice questions or self-assessment ungraded questions.

Will the assessment score be counted for a certificate?

Yes, the assessment score will be counted as 40% passing marks. Summing up all the weekly scores you should have min 40% in assessments and 40% passing marks in the proctored exam. For details, please see point 3 in this document. 

If I am not able to submit all the assessments before the due date, will it affect the score and certification?

It may affect the score. Your overall weekly assessment score should be 40% or more (which is different from the exam score) 

Can the due date of the Assessment be extended after the dates have passed?

Assessment due dates are not extended generally. 

When can I see the correct answers to weekly assessments?

Correct answers and scores will be available after the due date of assessments.

I live outside India. Can I still take the course and acquire a certificate?

You can enrol, refer and view the content and also you can attempt the weekly assessment, but we don’t have the facility to conduct the proctored exam outside India (except Ghana).

I am not able to view the video. Whom can I contact?

You can write to us on or you can also post your queries on the Discussion Forum of the course.

How can I get the exam dates?

Exam dates will be available on the preview page of all the courses. The exam details

How can I register for the exam?

Exam details such as exam registration link, registration last date, exam dates, the procedure to apply for the exam and also the rules for the exams will be communicated through the SWAYAM portal. 

How can I know the exam timetable?

After the registration is complete, you will be issued a hall ticket and the hall ticket will have all the details of the exam centre, exam date and exam slot.

If I have some other commitments and I am not able to attend the exams on the given dates can I take the exams later?

No. You cannot take the exam later.

After I registered for a one-course exam and I changed my mind and want to opt for another course, can I do that?

We suggest that you choose your courses carefully while you register for the exam. If you want to make any changes, you may inform us. If the request for change is made within the prescribed time frame, we may to allow the change. Please read the instructions in the exam form carefully before submitting the registration form.

Can I register for more than one online exam?

Yes, you can register for four courses. Exams are conducted on two days in two different slots a day. 

Can I request a specific city for an exam that is not mentioned in the list?

Only those centres mentioned in the exam application form can be chosen. If there are fewer students in a centre then the second priority centre will be assigned.

After I make the online payment for the exam how will I know that payment has been processed?

Once the payment is successful you will receive a confirmation mail.

Can I leave the exam hall before the mentioned time?

Generally, the exam duration is three hours and you can leave the exam hall after two hours.

After the final exams will the answers be published?

The final exam questions nor answers will not be released.

When will the exam results be published?

Exam results will be announced approximately a month from the date of examination.

Will the hardcopy certificate be issued?


Will the e-certificate be given? Can the e-certificate be downloaded?

Yes, the e-certificate will be provided and it will be downloadable.

If there are mistakes in certificates, can they be rectified?

For any corrections on certificates, you can write to us on 

How do I contact the IIMB Swayam team?

You can write to us at

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