Innovation and Information Technology Management

Course Information

Course Length : 6 Weeks
Estimated Effort : 4-6 hours per week


In this course on Innovation and Information Technology Management, you will understand the typical challenges faced by managers using IT to innovate, and the methods that can be used to address these challenges.  The challenges, important concepts and other relevant content will be delivered through videos and reading materials.  Since this is a management course, you will also be required to participate in case study discussions to apply the management decision-making skills learned in the course. 

Professor Rahul Dé

Course Instructor
Information Systems, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB).

Course Syllabus

Managing competition with IT
  • Competing with IT
  • Properties of digital goods
  • Network effects
  • Case study on competing with IT
Managing digital networks and digital security
  • Digital networks
  • Digital security
  • Case study on net neutrality
Managing Innovations with IT
  • Moore’s Law
  • Innovating with IT
  • Evolving IT innovations
  • Decisions to be made
  • Case study on managing innovations with IT
Managing software development
  • Making software the old fashioned way
  • Why managing software projects is hard
  • New breed of software development methods
  • Case study on managing software development
Managing outside innovation
  • Crowd-sourcing software
  • Managing open source innovation
  • Managing outside innovation
  • Case study on managing outside innovation
Managing ethical and social issues
  • Managing ethical issues
  • Managing social issues
  • Innovating to stay green
  • ICT for development

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