People Management

Course Information

Course Length: 6 Weeks
Estimated Effort : 3 – 4 hrs per week

Course Overview

A major part of a functional manager’s responsibilities comprises attracting, engaging, motivating, retaining and developing people. Every functional manager is, therefore, a People Manager; and their effectiveness is determined by how well they understand the people-dimension.

In this introductory-level course taught by Prof Vasanthi Srinivasan from IIM Bangalore, you will explore the effectiveness of being a people manager and learn how to engage your team members.

The objective of the course is to create awareness and appreciation of the Human Dimension in Strategy Implementation. Moreover, the course also intends to engage and foster critical thinking among functional managers with regard to enriching the human experience in an organisation.

Professor Vasanthi Srinivasan

Course Instructor
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Introduction to People Management

Difference between People Management and Human Resource Management; impact of individual and organizational factors on people management.

Week 2: Getting Work Done Through Others

Challenges of getting work done; significance of prioritization and assigning work to team members.

Week 3: Assessment and Evaluation

Concept of performance management and role of a manager in the different stages of the performance management process.

Week 4: Building Peer Networks

Understanding the importance of peer networks in an organization; being able to influence those on whom you have no authority.

Week 5: Essentials of Communication

Concept of the communication process with reflection on various barriers to effective communication and ways to overcome.

Week 6: Managing Self

Reflection on what does it mean to be a people manager; building a personal development plan for oneself.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Gain an overview of what it means to be an effective people manager
  • Have a deeper understanding of the different aspects of people management
  • Be able to appreciate the challenges faced by a first-time manager
  • Reflect on your managerial experiences

Learners across multiple platforms include Managers (working in Corporate companies) and Postgraduate students (from academic institutions).

Ernesto Cuéllar Matamoros: Excellent course. Well done IIMB. I´m very satisfied with this course and the whole MICROMASTERS. It has been a great experience, I did not know very much about Peoples Managment but exceeded expectations. Having been able to see this matter from a different perspective has iluminate me professionaly. Thanks to everybody who shared opinions, that also was a great experience

Alok Pandey: All of them are Great !! the way they all conducted the Course is much respected, i really enjoyed the Discussion Forums & needless to mention the Contents as well. Some Great Insights as to how to Value the Difference of Opinion, how & why no one can have the same Thought Process like me/ a Manager are much Valuable. Thanks to the Professor & the IIM Bangalore for making me a part of this Course.

Rajeev Velur: I wish i had a chance to do this course 12 years back when i was a first time manager. I just love the concepts discussed and the way it is delivered. Self reflections are a great tool for Managers – Just learnt it !!

Abhinn Kulshrestha: It is indeed a very good course. The teaching and learning methodology of this course is excellent. Sharing live experiences develops the experiential learning, is the ‘Unique Selling Propositions’ of the course. Highly recommended for the people at all level irrespective of any department belongingness, as managing people is all pervasive.

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