“I am Praveen DP from Chennai, working with Ford. I undertook your subject online course through Swayam. I must say that I have attended many online courses on same subject lines, but this is the best one so far. Your lucid explanation of concepts and its application made me to understand and absorb them completely. Through this note, I would like to extend you my sincere thanks for your initiative.”

– Financial Accounting and Analysis

Praveen DP


“I came from Korea to start a new business in India. I wanted to know Indian business, culture, technology and the thoughts of its leaders, but reading books and articles was not enough to quench my thirst. Through CTM, I could overcome the limitations of time and place to take classes, and campus sessions gave me the opportunity to dive into Indian society actively. Most of all, it is an unforgettable experience to discuss and study in a classroom with Indian experts from various fields.”

– CTM  Batch 2

Jaegon Lee

Senior General Manger, Kia Motors India

” My name is Ks Aravindhaan i’m working in mumbai my goal is to become an Research analyst but i’m weak in accounting. But after registering to swayam in the course for financial accounting and analysis by Gods grace and your teaching i have confidence that i  can become an analyst. so your class are my inspiration as i thank you a lot for helping students like us. I don’t know how to repay the debt so one day i should definitely thank you in person and get your blessings. Thanking you your’s truely  Aravindhaan.

– Financial Accounting and Analysis

Ks Aravindhaan


”After serving in the defence forces for 20 years and having experience both in operations and technology, this programme came as a perfect match to learn the nuances of the same, in the industry. The biggest highlight is the unique blend of technology and management, wherein the heavy weights of the education industry, IIMB and IITM are your mentors. The subjects are covered with such clarity and detail, that no matter which academic background one comes from, the learning is both satisfying and rewarding. This is possible due to the world class faculty, a thorough professional team and a stiff course schedule which is demanding, to say the least. I enjoyed my journey being a student once again and am sure that this programme will further refine and grow to its complete strength.”

– CTM Batch 2

Col Vinay Sharma

Serving Officer, Indian Army

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