Taking an online course is a great way to explore topics you enjoy learning about. What’s better, you get to do it at a pace that works best for you. To ensure that you are getting the most out of this journey, here are 3 common pitfalls to avoid:

  1. Missing live sessions: Our courses on IIMBx often include one live online session with the course instructor. These sessions are a great opportunity to interact with faculty members from IIM Bangalore. You also get to clear your doubts and explore the subject deeper. As far as possible, make sure that you’re prioritising these sessions. 
  2. Not structuring your time: The flipside of flexible learning hours is that they allow you to procrastinate or push learning down the list of priorities. Our recommendation: Block time for learning in your calendar, and ensure that you are undisturbed during these hours.  
  3. Not interacting with your fellow learners: Discussion forums are a great way to build an online community and find like-minded peers on a similar journey. Ensure that you are sharing relevant insights, asking meaningful questions, and helping others where you can.  

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