Here is an interesting story…
Once upon a time there was a tiny frog in a small pond. His friend, another frog from the Atlantic Ocean, came to visit him. He described to the tiny frog how vast the ocean is but the poor little tiny frog could not perceive the vastness of the world outside of his own pond. He enquired if the ocean is five times greater than his pond or if it’s ten times greater.
Being unaware of the world outside our home ground could land us in a similar situation. This approach cannot be accepted in today’s world.

Diversity among nations in terms of culture, politics, economics, legal practices, and technology is an intriguing field of study and too scrumptious to ignore. It is fascinating to explore the effect of the diverse strategies of different nations on the international business environments. It is all the more enthralling to unravel the conditions that led to the formulation of such strategies. The role of a country’s labour, students, farmers, NGOs and military in shaping such policies is very interesting to investigate.

Our MOOC titled “International Business Environment and Global Strategy“ will help you discover all this and more about today’s international business environment.

international-business-banner-imageJoin us on this journey to study the forces that influence the strategy making of nations like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Chile, Turkey, India and South Africa. This course will help you analyze the reaction of past events on a nation’s present condition and also lays a foundation of learning for the future.

The course begins on 29th September 2016. Please visit the link below to enroll:!

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