Here are some insights from Professor Allen P Ugargol on what you will learn in the Legal & Regulatory Framework course of our latest certificate program. We are thrilled to have received so many applicants for Hospital Management – IIMBx’s latest online certificate program.

So, what can you expect in this 11-month program?

The main idea: to help healthcare professionals level up in their career. We are making this possible with online courses, workshops, and reading material by IIM Bangalore’s world-class faculty. Here is a chance to explore management concepts, directly from the best minds in India. And, since the program is offered entirely online, you can access it no matter where you live.

Courses offered:

courses offered in IIMBx's online certificate program - Hospital Management

1 – So, what is the Legal & Regulatory Framework course all about?

This course is for any medical/healthcare professional or hospital manager who works in the healthcare industry in India. It intends to cover several relevant aspects of the healthcare industry such as:

  • The evolution of the healthcare system in India
  • Legal aspects of healthcare
  • Defining the doctor-patient relationship
  • Consent to treatment and patient rights
  • Litigations in healthcare
  • Provisions, Laws and Acts related to the medical profession

2 – How does the learner benefit from this course?

a) The course introduces learners to the relationship between the fields of law and health. This gives them a clearer perspective of medico-legal issues, and helps them adhere to legal and ethical standards of the healthcare field.

b) Learners will explore India’s healthcare and legal systems in detail. They will also learn more about the doctor-patient relationship, responsibilities of medical professionals, and patient rights and consent.

c) The course offers insights into governmental aspects of healthcare, the clinical establishment Acts that apply, and their scope.

3 – What should we know about the legal aspects of a post-2020 world?

There are many challenges and opportunities that we see in a post-2020 world. The pandemic came as a rude shock for businesses, government and society. While we struggled with uncertainty, there was a small silver lining, too. We are now trying to achieve a more secure and accessible healthcare system. If we spend time learning more about its legalities, we can make big-picture policy changes for the better, respond effectively to patient needs, and prevent legal fallouts. This will help in the larger goal of organised and well-managed healthcare. I hope students enjoy the course as they continue to apply its learnings to their practice.

IIMBx will accept applications for the Hospital Management program until July 1, 2022. Read more about the Hospital Management program here, and apply here today!

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