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“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great”

– Dr APJ Abdul Kalam | Former President of India.

Having opted for Banking and Financial services for my post-graduation in MBA after 3 years of experience in IT industry, I was quite excited since my journey in my earlier organization mostly involved working on finance verticals. I was also well aware of the fact that there is a rising requirement in the industry for finance experts.

Keeping this view I had decided to choose a course on PGDM-Banking, Insurance and Financial Services. Given my B.Tech. background, my knowledge of financial markets was limited, despite having worked in the finance industry. Hence I started my quest over the Internet for a course module that would strengthen my fundamentals. During this search I came across IIMBx – Banking and Financial Markets  MOOC and decided to go ahead with the course after going through the course structure and objectives.

The course turned out to be extremely helpful in not just strengthening my fundamentals but also in increasing my interest in the sector. Professor PC Narayan – the MOOC instructor has created a great impact with real time examples and webinars. I am extremely thankful to him for helping me finish the course with sound knowledge and satisfaction. Successful course completion gave me a zeal to learn more and without any second thoughts, I enrolled myself in the available extension course on Banking and Financial Markets – Risk Management Perspective. The course was just as interesting; the feasibility offered to go through the module as and when required was convenient and time saving too.

During my dual MOOCs i.e., Banking and Financial Markets – Risk Management Perspective and Banking and Financial Markets, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about various intrinsic aspects of Finance like Short Term Financial Markets, Long Term financial markets, Derivatives, Liquidation and Solvency risk, Credit Risk, Foreign Exchange Risk, Assets Securitization and Monetary Policy. I am now more confident about taking up a career in the field of Commercial Banking in the Risk verticals or in the field of investment banking, which have been the fields of my choice since the beginning.

Both MOOCs are extremely helpful for people aiming to start a career in Banking and Financial services. Therefore, I strongly recommend the MOOCs for students / professionals who are interested in the financial services sector. 

FC201x Student with IIMBx MOOC Team Members

FC201x Student with IIMBx MOOC Team Members

– GV Abhinav Kumar
B.Tech | (PGDM – Banking, Insurance and Financial services)
Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad

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