Communication is defined as the exchange of information, thought and emotion between individuals or groups. In other words, communication plays a fundamental role in balancing individual and organizational objectives.

Effective Communication is the lifeline for any organization. Fundamentally, relationships grow with better communication, and better relationships lead to further improved communication.  Therefore, the functioning and progress of an organization is based on effective relationships and thus on effective communication among individuals and groups. Lack of communication can be one of the leading factors in bringing an organization down.

Organizational capabilities are developed and enacted through social communicative processes. Communication helps individuals and groups coordinate activities to achieve goals, and it’s vital in socialization, decision-making, problem-solving and change-management processes.

Effective communication helps in establishing clear expectations for employees and clear feedback to management. For employees, clear expectations will convey how their performance will impact the company and give them an indication of what they need to do to achieve positive feedback. For customers, clear communication can help manage their expectations about service issues or even about how best to interact with the organization.

Effective communication builds strong relationships. Trust and loyalty are key factors in any relationship, and both are boosted by communication that is focused on meeting individual needs, conveying important information and providing feedback – positive and constructive. Strong relationships with external audiences also build strong solid communication about products, services, and company culture and values.

Communication takes a front seat in developing a fruitful business. Whether it’s internal or external, hierarchical or flat, all forms of communication within a business environment help to increase efficiency and improve organizational performance.

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(This article is authored by Ms. Moushumi Banerjee, Video Editor at IIMBx)

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