Internships are like a warm-up before you participate in your marathon to success. They prepare you for all that is going to be thrown at you ahead in your future workplace. My internship at IIMBx did more than just that!

Being a telecom engineer never stopped me from pursuing my passion for writing and the team at IIMBx recognized it and gave me an opportunity to explore, hone and strengthen these skills. I worked majorly on developing content for social media marketing of the MOOCs. Every course that I had to write about was as interesting as the others. Not hailing from a management background gave me an opportunity to explore these courses as any other student would. And this student within me found all the MOOCs enthralling and recognized how uniquely different each course was.

I did get an opportunity to further develop my skills but my time with the IIMBx team was more than just work and play. Small but deep insights discussed over tea breaks, detailed conversations at luncheons, healthy competition on the badminton court and the grandeur of festive celebrations– these are some of my most memorable times here.


My August – November 2016 internship at IIMBx was a breath of fresh air (also literally!). Every organization works collectively to achieve their goals but it is here that I witnessed how all this can be achieved by doing what you like and loving what you do. I am grateful to the team for accepting me into their family with open arms and wish them success in all future endeavors. Please keep the MOOCs coming!

Pooja R Rao (Pooja Rama)

Ex-Intern (Content development)

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