This is what a young lady from the Middle East had to say in our face-to-face session held at IIM Bangalore to mark the completion of a very successful run of our 2nd MOOC, IS110x – Innovation and IT Management.

She was getting back to ‘learning’ after a gap of five years and called the experience ‘fantastic.’ This is what she had to say:

Every bit was explained in an exemplary manner using simple English. The use of Digital Education in true sense, crossing all boundaries was executed well. The hard work of hundreds of hours by you people to achieve a social goal is an example from a prestigious institution to motivate others to contribute to social development. Personally this course enabled me to know where I stand in present business scenario and how i could leverage IT to get my business going better. The face-to-face interactive session was very informative as people from different streams and of different ages were available.

As we come to the end of our second run of the same MOOC, we hope to touch many more such lives and make their learning ‘radiant.’

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