Years ago, petroleum was considered as the ultimate solution for our fuel needs. But with its continuous exploitation, there has been a necessity to look for alternatives. With strategies to ensure judicious utilization of this resource, it could have withstood the test of time.

There are many examples of how certain ‘need of the hour’ solutions have harmed the near future of varied organizations. Therefore it is highly essential to strategize for a sustainable future. It is also necessary to understand the effects of various issues a corporate could be vulnerable to.


Here is our MOOC titled “Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise“to help you understand more about strategy and sustainability taking into consideration real life scenarios of various organizations as case studies. Insights from industry experts will give you a distinctive edge to apprehend and further apply this knowledge to analyse the situations of other companies. And ultimately this course will help you thoroughly scrutinize your future decisions.

Join us today to learn how sustainability issues influence corporate strategy and how corporations can transform these challenges into sources of competitive advantage.

The course begins on 13th October 2016. Please visit the link below to enroll:

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