Statistics is an essential part of our everyday life. Although all our decisions are based on it, we might remain oblivion to it. In Business, however, analyzing, interpreting, organizing and making decisions based on statistics is highly crucial.

Our course Statistics for Business- I, will help you formulate effective spreadsheets and utilize them for decision making. Most of our discussions are based on real data from diverse areas such as economics, finance, and HR.

Here is what Vishwas, one of our learners has to say about the course:

“I am very thankful to IIMB and the team (Prof. Shankar, Sunil, Ishita, Lysa, VijayKumar Menon and all others who helped) for making this course an amazing experience. I appreciate the centrality of the concepts that this course attempted to focus on. Earlier, my statistical ideas were sort of dispersed but when vlookup with confidence to strengthen them, we can definitely filter our doubts and derive an important understanding out of them. This increased my mean time spent on real life statistical issues and reduced my conceptual deviations in a very standard way. I guess I was MAD earlier. My variable understanding of the issues have turned quite constant and I can categorically say, I can fare better than earlier in any numerical assessment. You need to count me in because my problem-solving frequency has improved. Next time my boss asks me how many grams of grey cells I actually have in working mode, I would certainly say histograms. No matter whether he boxes me or plots me against my rivals, I would certainly change his negatively skewed opinion of me and fall among top 1% of the workforce. This was the introduction of IIMB on edx and you have done a stupendous job. I owe my unconditional support for the next 3 courses of this series and the probability of me joining them is not at all marginal. I would not require any tree to make my decision in that regard. Baye and regards Vishwas”

To give you a hint of just how big a hit this course was, another learner, Nikhil Vasuki has shot a Statistics Rap video:

Join us today to understand all aspects of Statistics and be able to apply it to real business problems. For further details, please click here.

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