Our learner story series continues with 2 different experiences: one from a very experienced professional who joined the IIMBx MOOC family as a community TA, and another who took up a MOOC along with a bunch of his colleagues at work.

Both enjoyed the experience in different ways.

The community TA for our Statistics for Business – II MOOC jumped right into his role – clarifying, probing and answering. His only complaint was,

The worst drawback of MOOC courses is that they appeared 10 years after the time when I used to ask many business questions without being able to find the answers!

He continues to add, “Before the MOOC came in, one had to read several good books, ask some wise people, look up Google and Wikipedia or just hope that your peers would be more successful in demystifying new scientific and business concepts. Today, with peer learning and discussion forum in MOOCs, that has changed! And, that is overpowering facet of MOOC – virtually unlimited access to hundreds of quite experienced professionals who are interested in same topic as you and are willing to share.”

This aspect of peer learning was well demonstrated in our second story where a group of 4-5 young professionals joined our MOOC on ‘ST260x: Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise.’ They learnt in their own blended fashion, coming together every Friday to discuss cases and key topics learnt in that week.

Combined with group discussions(preferably in person) amongst learners, this is a very efficient way to learn. I believe that MOOCs and online learning will soon replace all textbooks.


Do you see IIMBx MOOCs as a place to learn collaboratively? Share your story with us at digital.learning@iimb.ernet.in.

Pic Courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/trucolorsfly/1732302968

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