You may be in marketing, operations, R&D, supply chain or strategic management but as you move up the ladder – any ladder – you will need to use finance.

The best managerial decisions come from being able to analyse and interpret financial data, but how do you get started? Financial Accounting and Analysis by IIMBx can help. Delivered by Professor Padmini Srinivasan and spread over five weeks, the course will help you demystify accounting jargon, understand financial statements, and analyse them for better decisions.

Through instructional videos, reading material, and ungraded questions, you will be able to learn and test your knowledge as you progress through the course. You will have a live interaction with Professor Srinivasan through a live webinar, and the opportunity to discuss concepts with your peers via the discussion forum.

No matter the field, a company’s performance is ultimately measured using its financial health. Regardless of your background, a better understanding of finance will add value to your career.

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Here’s wishing you a happy learning journey!

[This blog post was written by Madhushree Rathi, Pedagogical Research Associate, IIMBx]

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