“Intellectual property rights.” Sounds heavy, right? And complicated?

Not when Professor Damodaran is in charge. An expert in economics and social sciences, Professor Damodaran’s research covers cultural economics, IPR economics, environmental economics, financing, and many more. He has advised the World Intellectual Property Organisation as part of WIPO’s development agenda, is the Chairperson of the Technical Advisory Committee for UNDP’s assisted BIOFIN-GOI Project, and a member of the Global High-Level Panel set up by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) of the United Nations.

In his course, Intellectual Property Rights: A Management Perspective,  Professor Damodaran uses his experience to create a perfect blend of law and business. A primer on the legal, economic and managerial dimensions of IPR, the course provides an insight into the competitive and strategic advantages enterprises can avail by understanding the subject better. Professor Damodaran has produced this course to explain different types of Intellectual Property, IPRs and their strategy, valuation, and asset management. In order to cultivate balanced assessments for strategic decisions, he also examines the socio-economic and legal impact of intellectual properties. The course features an array of interviews with leading experts to understand the opinions of policy-makers vis-à-vis the gaps experienced by the distinguished patrons, hailing from various facets of the field of intellectual property.

While this course is simple enough for everyone to understand and learn, it will provide an edge to those in managerial positions, since they deal with their organisation’s IPRs on a regular basis. Taking this course will ensure that you obtain a big-picture view of IPRs and make more informed managerial decisions. It will give you a perspective on both commercial and non-commercial aspects of the intellectual property in question.

To make the course more relevant to your specific area, Professor Damodaran has created region-wise cohorts where learners can connect with each other and discuss issues connected to IPR in their location.

Interested to learn more?

Enrol here: https://www.edx.org/intellectual-property-rights-a-management-perspective

[This blog post was written by Anshi Beohar, Pedagogical Research Associate, IIMBx]

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