Risk and returns are the most talked about, yet least understood concepts in the world of banking and financial markets.

Concerns about risk management increased exponentially around the world after the global financial crisis of 2008, where ‘risk contagion’ spiraled out of control and resulted in a catastrophic series of events. The whole world, especially the ecosystem of banking and financial markets, has altered significantly and possibly forever.

In this climate, businesses that take risks to survive and grow need a robust risk management framework that satisfy stern mechanisms as well as comply with stringent regulatory measures and guidelines.

To make this happen, enterprises engage more with risk management executives who are responsible for identifying the risks involved in their businesses. Typically, a risk management executive carries out these major duties:

  • Measuring and analysing potential threats
  • Managing these threats using several risk mitigation techniques that align with the business’s overall strategy

It is not easy to take a calculated risk while working in a pressure-packed environment. To be able to navigate this role, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of finance and the overall economy. A budding risk professional will gain immense value from a structured certificate programme that empowers them with an in-depth knowledge of risk management, the world economy, financial markets and products, and various risk models.

This is where the professional certificate programme – risk management in banking and financial markets comes in. This platter of five courses plus a certification course will help aspiring risk professionals understand the relationship between the ecosystem of financial networks and a contagious risk blowout.

What were the lessons learnt from the 2008 financial crisis? What is the likelihood that the world might witness a similar crisis in the future? The learner will be able to answer these questions by exploring the theories, concepts and practices that make up the complex and dynamic world of banking and financial markets – and the plethora of risks in that domain.

The programme will be delivered by Professor P C Narayan, who has nearly four decades of experience and has won awards both for his subject matter expertise as well as his ability to connect with students virtually. It uses an array of spreadsheets and other interactive tools to help learners fully grasp and master the concepts, without getting too deeply entangled in the mathematical complexities of risk management.

Join this online program to learn the nuances of how to minimise systemic risks using a variety of financial models and profound theories underlying the world of banking and finance.

Watch this video for further details.

[This blog post was written by Divya Pareek, Pedagogical Research Associate, IIMBx]




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