The global race towards AI and Industry 4.0 has already begun. Governments and organizations are investing their time and intellectual assets in reshaping themselves for the future. The Government of India, through the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), already runs SWAYAM – an online platform providing free courses from premier institutions. IIMB is the national coordinator for management courses on SWAYAM.

IIMBx is the institute’s digital learning arm and the first major Indian institute to offer MOOCs to a global audience. On the edX platform, IIMBx offers courses in a variety of management-related subjects – strategy, economics, finance, people management, and more. IIMBx also offers courses on its custom-made platform – ranging from Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) to special programs like the certificate in technology and management (CTM) in partnership with IIT Madras’s CCE, the general management programme for young leaders (YLP), and more.

IIMBx and the MHRD have come together to brainstorm possibilities and opportunities in creating an AI-based Learning System for Higher Education (ALSHE). This workshop, held on 26th May at the IIMB campus, saw representation from many organisations pioneering AI technologies.

There was diverse representation – which included academics like Professor Ashok Goel from Georgia Institute of Technology; researchers from Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft; AI heads of Wipro and Capegemini; Indian digital learning platforms such as TCS iON, Upgrad, Manipal Global Services, startups namely Quiklrn, PlatiFi solutions, Streamingo, talentgo and NGOs like Pratham Books.

The session focused on the role of AI in empowering learning for students and working professionals. The topics of discussion included:

  • AI-based teaching assistants, tutors and chatbots
  • Assessments and evaluation powered by AI providing customised feedback and scaffolding
  • Creating personalized learning paths based on learners’ needs
  • Support for Indian languages and vernacular content by leveraging NLP research
  • Boosting creative ways to learn through AR/VR

This was the first of many such workshops and initiatives. Watch this space for more information!

[This blog post was written by Dinesh Kumar, Pedagogical Research Associate, IIMBx and Trina Gupta, Communications Intern, IIMBx]

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